Plastic Closure Knowledge Center

Knowledge is key

The search for your next plastic bottle cap or packaging closure seems like a simple process—until it isn’t. The more information you have available about features, options and processes, the better that complete picture can guide decision-making to lead to a successful packaging solution.

MRP Solutions believes in knowledge sharing, bringing to each customer’s specific packaging project our 50 years of experience as an industry-leading plastic closure and cap manufacturer. Our website contains a wealth of information to act as a knowledge or resource center to help start the conversation about plastic cap manufacturing and closures. With the combined knowledge of three well-established packaging companies, MRP prides ourselves on being the experts in the plastic closure industry – and we want you to be, too. 


Plastic packaging closure anatomy and selection

Myriad product types, bottle shapes, and sizes each demand their own plastic cap or closure style and design approach.

Our plastic closure online catalog visually displays the robust selection of bottle cap types we manufacture at MRP Solutions. The drop-down menu on the left lists all of the vital specifications necessary for the proper fit and seal, including:

  • Product family
  • Market
  • Size (mm)
  • Neck finish
  • Exterior skirt finish
  • Orifice/Dispensing option
  • Material choice
  • Jar Capacity
  • Jar Fill Cap (cc)
  • Fit Diameter
  • Sealing Type
  • Lining
  • Manufacturing location


Regulatory concerns for package closures

Regulatory considerations might dictate a specific proscribed plastic cap selection. We are familiar with various industry regulatory bodies and the stringent guidelines for caps and closures, an essential criterion in food and beverage applications or pharmaceuticals, for example.

Our facilities have ISO 9001:2015 certification, food safety certifications, and more. In terms of e-commerce, for example, MRP Solutions was officially selected as a member of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS). These certifications are more than simple wall decorations. They demonstrate our depth of knowledge in plastic cap manufacturing, our ability to help properly guide your selection and our commitment to quality. Read more about our quality, food safety commitments and other certifications here


Video library answers common questions about plastic cap manufacturing

We have many different videos about picking the right bottle closures for your brand and industry. These videos help answer common questions across industries, such as:

  • What shelf impact factors make one customer select a particular product over another?
  • What’s the proper orifice design for assuring just the right pour flow for the product at hand?
  • How can you keep your brand consistent across all packaging?
  • How can you create loyal customers just by choosing the right closures?


Learning from examples

Case studies and blogs help illustrate how other companies facing similar challenges found packaging solutions for caps and closures with the help of MRP Solutions. Sometimes a brief example that illustrates the classic problem/solution scenario can spark an idea or a new look at your situation. Find a list of case studies here.


Consult with our team about the right plastic bottle closures

And when we discuss learning more about plastic cap manufacturing, we aren’t limiting our resources to one department. We can work with your team at any stage of the process, from design and marketing to purchasing, sales or manufacturing. The modern plastic cap has a message for today’s society that impacts more than integrity but expands to include the brand image.

Our goal is your company’s overall growth and success. Explore the different sections of our Knowledge Center for the start of your successful plastic cap enclosure process. 

While we strive to include as much information as possible on our website for your initial investigations. However, nothing can replace a personal conversation with our applications engineers, invaluable for finalizing the myriad details involved in bottle cap selection. Our staff is available to consult with you about your next project.

 Do you have a specific plastic closure question? Contact us directly for answers!