Collaboration with Bottle Suppliers 

For more than five decades, MRP Solutions has served the industry as a premier supplier of plastic caps and closures for a broad range of products. We have one of the most robust offerings in the market, with continuous thread, child resistant, dispensing, hinged, strap, twist open, disc top and specialty lines. No package is complete, however, without the container that holds the products.

We work collaboratively with a variety of industry partners and bottle suppliers to match closure designs and applications with just the right bottle/container. To find the cap/container combination that will provide maximum shelf impact and an outstanding customer experience, we can recommend a place to start.


Domestic bottle suppliers

There are many bottle suppliers across the United States. We can connect you with reputable bottle manufacturers or bottle suppliers that holds the same high standards we observe in our fabrication and customer relationships.

Whether you are looking for food or pharmaceutical-grade materials and standards, industrial use or consumer products, MRP Solutions can help you get started on fulfilling this segment of your packaging supply chain.


Common manufacturing materials and methods

In addition to stock or catalog offerings, many companies we work with can also accommodate specialty or custom orders, with options for the material type or container color, shape and size.

Compatibility between cap and container materials is essential. Bottle manufacturers generally use the same types of high-performance plastics utilized at MRP Solutions. This can include polypropylene (PP), HDPE, PVC or PET.

Manufacturing methods can impact final product pricing and timing. The bottle suppliers on our list use a variety of different manufacturing methods, including:

  • Blow molding
  • Extrusion or co-extrusion
  • Injection molding
  • Reciprocating blow molding
  • Related processes

It is critically important for product integrity, profitability and, at times, even consumer safety to ensure the closure matches and seals properly on the bottle or container. Bottle suppliers and cap manufacturers work together to ensure both designs are compatible in fit, function and appearance.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding bottle suppliers or bottle manufacturers.