Optimize your bottle caps with cap liners and seals.

Liners are an important part of a complete package and assure containers keep contents secure. Whether you need a bottle cap liner for freshness and protection, to prevent leaks, to allow product venting or to provide tamper evidence, our complete  selection of liners will meet your packaging needs. From foods and pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and household chemicals, we can meet any industry requirement. Read more in our liner resources section below.

MRP also has heat induction foil inner seals which will provide a tamper-evident bond to PE, PP, PET, PVC, PS and treated glass containers. It is recommended for liquid products. You can view more information on these products in our cross reference guide below.

Not sure which closure liner you need? Click on our MRP liner spec section below and easily complete our Liner Selection Wizard and we will help you find the option that fits your needs. 

Liner Information