MRP Bottle Liners

Count on the Experts at MRP Solutions.

Liners are an important part of a complete package and assure that a container's contents are secure. Whether you need a liner for freshness and protection, to prevent leaks, or provide tamper evidence, our liners will meet your packaging needs.

The MRP bottle liners listed below are currently for our Plattsburgh Facility only.

  • MRPLN01 This liner features a three ply liner consisting of foamed Low Density Polyethylene core between two solid layers of Low Density Polyethylene.
  • MRPLN04 This product is a one piece universal heat seal consisting of foam backing, paper, aluminum foil, and heat seal layer.
  • MRPLN05 This product is a two piece pulp backed universal induction seal liner consisting of pulp backing, wax, paper, aluminum foil, and heat seal layer.