Why is Sustainability Important in our Industry?


Consumer awareness of, and familiarity with, sustainability continues to grow, reaching an all-time high of 79% in 2015

SOURCE: Hartman Group - Sustainability: Transparency 2015 report

22% of consumers say that minimal/ecofriendly packaging is important

SOURCE: Hartman Group - Sustainability: Transparency 2015 report

A recent study by Trucost found that substituting plastics with other materials that perform the same function comes at a net environmental cost of about 4 to 1. The inherent material efficiency of plastic allows it to perform the same function with less environmental impact.

SOURCE: Trucost - Plastics and Sustainability:  A Valuation of Environmental Benefits, Costs and Opportunities for Continuous Improvement

How MRP Stays Sustainable

Reduced Energy Consumption

100% of our Plattsburgh energy supply is renewable hydroelectric

  • All-electric injection molding machines
  • Renewable energy chiller
  • Energy efficient air compressors

  • High-output, motion sensor fluorescent lighting fixtures
  • Energy efficient exterior lighting

Reduce electrical consumption by 5% each year 



Sustainability through innovative process, design & development

  • Design of lighter weight closures to reduce material 
  • Produce recyclable closures
  • Linerless cap innovation

Incorporate cost savings into all new products and processes utilizing more efficient designs and materials



Scrupulous attention to our waste stream

  • Utilization of closed loop regrind
  • Reduce scrap
  • Recycling of resin and corrugate
  • Customer pallet pooling programs
  • Recycle liner cores
  • Reuse color buckets
  • Paper and bottle recycling
  • Eliminated landscaping chemicals

Generate a 10% reduction in scrap