Household Chemicals Packaging

Not only does it take a lot of work to keep a home looking beautiful, it also takes a lot of products. Essential for both inside and outside, the market for household chemical packaging has seen steady growth and is predicted to continue on this upward trend. This leads to more competition on the shelf. MRP Solutions can help you develop chemical packaging that is not only eye-catching for consumers, but also safe, compliant and easy-to-use to keep customers coming back for more. 

Household Chemicals

Packaging trends

Convenience packaging

Consumers are willing to spend more on products that provide quick, easy, pleasant cleaning.

Dispensing features

Innovative dispensing features are important-liquid pour features for use with refillable containers (spray bottles, soap dispensers).

Sustainable solutions

Environmentally safe products are gaining popularity as consumers are increasingly aware of how their actions impact the environment.

eCommerce compatibility

Lightweight and easy-to-ship packaging has gained importance as more shoppers make purchases online.

Within this market, you will most commonly find the following closures on household chemicals packaging:

  • Buttress
  • Chem-Lock Tab (CL)
  • Child Resistant Closures (CRC)
  • Continuous Thread (CT)
  • Cover Caps
  • Disc Tops
  • Dispensing Plugs
  • Flapper®
  • Jars
  • LiquiFlapper®
  • Open Spout 
  • Push-Pull
  • Snip Tips
  • Strap-caps
  • Ultra Light®

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