Food Packaging

MRP Solutions produces a number of plastic closures that have been specifically designed to cater to the food packaging industry. Our plastic closures offer some of the best dispensing available for a number of pourable products, like syrups, sauces, dressings and honey. In addition, you’ll find our plastic closures on many national and private label brands of spices and seasonings, confectionery and sweeteners, creamers and specialty milks, grated cheese, and other dry foods.


Food Packaging Trends

Simplicity, convenience and ease of use 

MRP Solutions food packaging that is appropriately sized and easy to grip, hold, open and close is a must with millennials and seniors. Packaging targeting seniors also needs larger print with clear and intuitive markings indicating openings.

On-the-go packaging with personality 

With more people eating and drinking on the go, at work, school, the gym and in transit, consumers want food packaging that is easy to open and sealed tightly to prevent spillage.  

Communicating with “green” consumers 

Sustainable packaging is effective at reaching consumers when it communicates its benefits beyond just the recycling symbol. 

Designing for digital 

Consumers want interactive and intelligent packaging, such as QR coding for recipe and brand messaging, as well as nutritional and health information.

Within this market, you will most commonly find these types of closures in food packaging:

  • Continuous Thread (CT)
  • Cover Caps
  • Fitments
  • FlapMate®
  • Flapper®
  • Jars
  • LiquiFlapper®
  • Twist Open – Twist Close
  • UltraLight®

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