Nutraceutical Packaging 

Easily dispensed, easily opened, easily accessible – all of these nutraceutical packaging factors and can affect the market viability of your products. And we can’t forget storage and freshness as critical factors. Nutraceutical caps and dispensing closures including the NutraGen II® and NutraFlapper® offer controlled dispensing convenience to help your customers pour just the right amount. Combined with our vast selection of continuous thread closures, you will find the options you need for your nutraceutical packaging. 


Nutraceutical Packaging 

Continued rise of convenience-oriented products
This trend carries over major categories such as OTC, sports nutrition, vitamins, and dietary supplements. New product launches focus on convenience to appeal to a wider target audience.

Clear descriptions on private label packaging
Positioning of private label packaging focuses more on what’s “inside” of the product, like being gluten free, certified organic, preservative free, etc.

Packaging options that have obvious distinguishing factors
This trend relates to bold colors, family look and feel, and brand identity.

Within this market, you will most commonly find the following plastic closures on nutraceutical packages:

    • Continuous Thread (CT)
    • Dispensing
    • Flapper®
    • Jars
    • LiquiFlapper®
    • MegaFlap®
    • NutraFlapper®
    • NutraGen II®
    • Ultra Light®

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