Personal Care Packaging

Regardless of if you have a mass market or high-end product, the success of personal care and beauty products begins with packaging. The package you choose for your personal care and beauty products can convey anything from value to luxury, appeal to generations from Millennials to Baby Boomers, meet a culturally specific need, or even solve an age-old problem. Personal care packaging is the key to building your brand for your exact audience. Look no further than MRP Solutions to help your package appeal to the right consumers.

Personal Care

Packaging Trends

Convenient, frustration-free packaging for the fast and fickle consumer culture 

Packaging must meet the demands of consumers who are increasingly fickle and time-constrained. It is essential that personal care packaging is convenient to use and easy to open.

Ease of use packaging for aging population

Personal care packaging that is easy to grip, hold, open and close is the essential for older adults who have issues with dexterity and strength. 

Labeling that is clear, concise and easy to read

This is especially true of packaging targeting seniors who need larger print and clear and intuitive markings indicating openings. Health and ingredient claims, as well as functional claims, need to be clearly delineated as consumers seek to personalize their beauty routines.

Within this market, you will most commonly find the following closures on personal care packages:

  • Continuous Thread (CT)
  • Disc Tops
  • Dispensing
  • Domed Closures
  • FlapMate®
  • Flapper®
  • Jars, Vials, Fitments
  • LiquiFlapper®
  • Snip-Tip
  • Twist Open

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