Pharmaceutical Packaging / Containers and Closures

When it comes to selecting the pharmaceutical containers and closures for your pharmaceutical packaging needs, our expanded product portfolio offers solutions for a wide range of applications and requirements. As a child resistant closures (CRC) manufacturer we provide many options and styles that are fully-compliant for safety and security for packages. Combined with our vast selection of continuous thread closures, strap caps, and jars, you'll find the options you need for your pharmaceutical packaging. 


Pharmaceutical Packaging

Safety is still of paramount importance

  • Regulations in the pharmaceutical industry have increased, especially those related to pack size limits, therapeutic validity and health claims of products.
  • From patient information to anti-counterfeiting to traceability, packaging manufacturers must have robust quality systems in place.

Packaging will be critical in differentiating a your brand

  • With all the new variations and offerings, even doctors and pharmacists will be looking for distinguishing factors.
  • Functional dispensing caps offer the ability to separate the dry products from liquid until dosing time; liquid absorption is higher than dry solids.
  • Convenience and portability are highly desired.

What are the different types of pharmaceutical containers and closures?

As a child resistant caps manufacturer we most commonly produce  the following plastic closures and pharmaceutical container packages:

  • Child Resistant Closures (CRC) / Child Resistant Caps
    • CRC-Text
    • CRC-Debossed
    • CRC-Embossed
  • Continuous Thread (CT)
  • EZ-Safe
  • Strap Caps
  • Strap Hinged for Ophthalmic and Saline Solution

Browse our pharmaceutical containers and closures below. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact the packaging experts at MRP Solutions today to help customize your product.